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Autodesk Account Portal UX research and design

Project  : Collaborative
Role : User research, UI/UX Design, Website design, Sketch explorations

The Autodesk account ( website had to implement information architecture changes , UX changes and visual design modifications. The team tackled it in 3 design sprints. All UX and UI designers presented concepts for various features, IAs and site map at the beginning of the project. The best ideas were introduced into a functional prototype and tested with users. With every design sprint, the ideas and mock-ups were refined and users were asked to accomplish more complicated task.


The mock-ups were created in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator and the interactive prototype was generated using InVision.

Link to InVision Sprint 1, Link to InVision Sprint 2, Link to InVision Sprint 3

A. Feature concepts before design sprints

B. Design sprint 1 mock-ups

C. Design sprint 2 mock-ups

D. Design sprint 3 mock-ups

All images and diagrams used to create this project page belong to Autodesk Inc. 
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