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Data Monitoring System

Project  : Collaborative
Role : User Research, User Experience, Product Ideation and Sketching, CAD.

Sprout was a group project involving a team of five CMU students from diverse backgrounds such as Mechanical Engineering, UI/UX Design and Business brought together with a goal to address the problem of sexual assault. The aim was to develop a product to assist the potential victims of sexual assault.

Research Phase

The team followed the process of brainstorming, exploring the Social-Economic-Technological factors relating to the domain, gathering insigths from interviews and doing a Value opportunity analysis

Product Ideation Phase

The team explored for ways to use monitoring systems with existing produts that users have on them in their daily lives. We decided to address the problem of sexual assualts relating to special needs indivisuals. Some of the proposed ideas were cam specs, wrist cam, identidy card monitor etc.

Product Design

The product we designed was a system of paired monitors including cameras, audio recorders, GPS, RFID tags to be worn by caretaker and the special needs indivduals. The product was wearable device working with connectivity to a centralized cloud storage system.

Product Usecase

The deivce was aimed as an insurance product helping the insurance agencies to keep a check on these individuals and notify the appropriate authorities in case of an assault situation. The device helped parents to improved connection with child’s experiences, review and reinforce daily activities.

I was engaged in the brainstorming, product ideation, systems integration, mechanical design and solid modelling aspects of the project. The multi-disciplinary nature of the project helped me improve my product designing skills as well as develop business and user research skills.

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