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Autodesk Design System UX 

Project  : Collaborative
Role : User research, UI/UX Design, Website design, Sketch explorations

The Autodesk Design system or the Autodesk HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) is a work in progress to build  a comprehensive set of design, content, and interaction patterns for all Autodesk products- a common voice and visual language – one that is uniquely ownable by Autodesk in style, functionality, and quality. 

The design system has design patterns for Web apps as well as Desktop software. I have worked on UX research and design of a few components for this design system and have presented some of them here.

A. Getting started with the design system

The HIG website mainly serves the designers and developers inside the company who build products. Since the launch of the HIG website, there was an ask to develop the 'Getting Started' page further and make the on-boarding experience for both designers and developers easier. After UX research with internal stakeholders and iterative UX mock-ups, a new design for the Homepage of the website as well as the 'Getting Started' page was proposed:

Fig 1A. Getting Started page and website homepage before design iteration

Fig 1B. Getting Started page and website homepage after research and  design iteration

B. Notifications and Alerts

One of the patterns I worked on while building the design system was Notification and Alerts. Working with a visual designer, I collected requirements around notifications from various teams, created UX mockups of different notification systems such as toasts, snack bars, flyouts, modals etc. 

These patterns were put in front of internal stakeholders for feedback. We iterated the designs to match requirements from most web apps and desktop software.

C. Centralized intake for new requests

The HIG not only publishes design patterns but also looks at providing product teams at Autodesk with any patterns they might need. A centralized workflow to track and address these requests for design patterns, component or interaction patterns needed to be designed and tied into the website. I worked to creating the workflow for this system and making the process of requesting patterns easier for product teams.

All images and diagrams used to create this project page belong to Autodesk Inc. 
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