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Ex-band: Complete Wearable Design

Project  : Individual
Role : Product Ideation, User Experience, CAD design, Circuit Design, Microcontroller programming, sensor selection, prototyping and manufacturing

Exband is a wearable device that helps you get into a gym routine and actually stick to it by providing visual and analytics feedback about your workout, keep a track of your exercises and help visualize your muscle growth. The functionality of the fitness band is to give the user more insight into their workout sessions and improve their efficiency over time. 

I also worked with Khoylo Inc. which is a fitness app startup in San Francisco and explored possibilities of collaboration.

Sketches, Conception and Solid Model Renders

User Experience:

a. Switch on and forget

The user can switch on the band, begin his/her exercise and not worry about noting or keeping the track of repetitions. The user feels confident that all his activity is being tracked and all the vitals/ calories are monitored. After the exercises are complete, the user gets a detailed summary of muscle activity, repetitions and calories burnt in each exercise.


b. Act on the data

In the later phases of the project, the user will be able to set his goals and get a realtime feedback during his workout. The experience will be made more interactive.


1] Select repetition count and receive ambient alert after the desired count.

2] After a certain calorie depletion, the user is alerted to have their protein shake.

3] Calculate muscle wear rate, suggest rest times between sets and suggest exercises.

Background functionality

The device uses data from accelerometer to monitor your repetitions. It reads the data and runs a pattern recognition to identify peaks or spikes in accelerometer which generally occur when there is a sudden change in acceleration. The current prototype has the functionality of identifying repetitions for 3 exercises i.e flye, bicep curls and squats. This data is then repetition count is collected real-time and paired with the set count and exercise is sent to cloud.

Prototype to Product
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