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Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop

Project  : Collaborative
Role : System/Mechanical Ideation, Systems Layout, Mechanical Design, Safety Analysis, Structural Integrity. 
The Hyperloop

The Hyperloop, first proposed by Elon Musk in 2013, is a new form of ultra-high speed ground transport; predicated on a pressurized pod traveling within a depressurized environment. In June 2015, Elon’s company SpaceX launched an international competition with the aim of accelerating the development of a functional Hyperloop pod.

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The Team

Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop is an interdisciplinary team of more than 50 engineers, designers and business students with the vision of making hyperloop transportation a reality. With the SpaceX competition, we started in a pool of 1,500 teams in June 2015, and now stand amongst the top 30 (incld. MIT, TU Delft, UC Berkeley, etc.) selected for final event in June 2016 after winning the design weekend competition at Texas A&M University.

The Contribution

Apart from working on managing the project, working with team integration and project planning, I have been involved in brainstorming and ideation phase of many teams including Chassis design, Test Rig design and Outreach. I have been working on the chassis design along with mechanical engineering team producing sketches and renders, chassis solid models and studying the structural integrity and failure modes in the pod design. I have also worked on wheels, suspension mechanism, safety and stability aspects of the hyperloop pod.

The Experience

The experience of working with a diverse team, rich with knowledge of the various aspects of engineering is an amazing one. I gained a lot of experience in the mechanical design, finite element modelling, control systems, engines and compressors. I also got guidance from people who have worked in the industry and faced such challenges. The team integration helped me understand how to work effectively in teams for an improved output. My engineering skills and knowlege of the industry have broadened and my interaction with the crowfunding venture, marketing and publicity campaign of the CMU Hyperloop have enriched my business skills as well.

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