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Industrial Design

Projects  : Individual
Role : Design Research, User Experience.

The product for design research project was the Lytro Camera. The Lytro Camera is the first consumer camera that records the entire light field instead of a 2D image. While traditional cameras capture only partial data, the Lytro Light Field Camera captures dynamic vectors of light to create living images, which contain the color, intensity and direction of all light rays existing in a scene. The results are: photos can be taken on the go, simplistically and the captured images can later be focused as required, as many number of times as required.

Design Critique

One major inauthenticity of this product is- In spite of having a great aesthetic design, it does not include an apparatus for gripping or clenching the camera in a firm way. A tourist/ traveler needs to have a firm grasp of it which can add to the authenticity of the product. Another inauthenticity of the product is the non-continuity of its use. This camera has a potential to be used on the go, continuously. But there is no mechanism to hold the camera rolling to capture a continuous experience. (i.e. a mechanism to latch it on your body and let it record an incident as you experience it.)

Design recommendations
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