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Designing for IoT

Project  : Individual and Collaborative
Role : Product ideation, Coding, Arduino Hacking, Prototyping. 

 I have been exploring the Internet of Things and connected product experiences in a class specifically focussed on Designing for IoT.

I have worked to ideate new and innovtive connected products, code on Particle platform and explore sensors. Majority of my work in the Physical Computing domain has been on Intelligent Environments. I have worked on product level projects to ecosystem level projetcs.

Stove Alert

One of the common problems we face in our busy lives is forgetting to switch off an appliance in our home. Sometimes its a harmless act- but occasionaly it can be dangerous if it is a tap in the bathroom or the stove in your kitchen. The ‘stove-alert’ device senses if the stove has been left on for more than 10 minutes unsupervised and immediately notifies the user on his/her phone. The user can then take suitable action to let the building management/neighbor know about the stove and get it switched off.

Ambient Stock Analysis

Millions of Americans own stock but the vast majority do not hold large positions or follow market movements daily or even weekly, causing them to miss out on key market changes that cost them money. In fact, the average investor makes fewer than 20 total trades a year and holds just 5 stocks. 
We sought to develop a device that would notify these amateur investments of critical market changes that could signal a need to reevaluate their current position without needing to log into their trading platform. 

Connected Gym Ecosystem

A more precise understanding of the gym experience will lead to better fitness outcomes. Keeping track of the user’s workout and motivating them to keep improving their performance is the key idea behind designing this ecosystem.

The insights necessary to deliver these outcomes will be captured via a selection of connected devices embedded into gym equipment. This fitness data, synced to an individual’s account, will be cloud-stored. The gym’s ability to glean factual information on what an individual actually did in a workout will be immensely valuable to the individual and the gym.

Complete project documentation here.


Connecting Emotions

Our project is designed for the loved ones, a couple or a friend, who would like to easily communicate how they feel to each other. Using a phone has become too complicated. We are inundated with notifications from countless apps we use and our important notifications can get easily buried if we are careless. We wanted to create a different notification system that lived outside the cell phone.

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