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Mechanism Designs

Project  : Individual
Role : Product Ideation, User research, User Experience, CAD design
Fruit Plucking Mechanism

The fruit and vegetable plucking apparatus was designed to solve the real life problems of farmers in Maharashtra, India. It was designed as a low cost tool to increase the fruit and vegetable collection efficiency of farmers and to avoid loses during the plucking process. A very rough prototype of the model was constructed and tested on the field. It reported to have increased the efficiency of the process by almost 20%.

Gun turret mechanism

The gun turret was part of a classroom mechanism design project. The idea of this project was to develop an artificially intelligent gun turret in a very cost efficient way. The working principle of the gun represented a miniature version of the locking mechanism used by fighter jets to lock on to their moving targets and destroy them. The stand was designed taking into consideration the gun recoil.

Toothpaste Redesign

This project was undertaken as a Design for Environment class project by 5 members (2 engineers, 2 designers, 1 business person). The aim of the project was to develop a new container package to delivery a pea sized toothpaste pellet which contained the exact amount of toothpaste as recommented by dentist. This was done to limit overuse of toothpaste (which is a very common problem) and discretize toothpaste use. Me along with designer Keegan D'souza modelled the toothpaste dispenser which allows the user to dispense the toothpaste pellet on the toothbrush using only one hand. We also developed an actual working prototype of the model. 

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