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Feature Testing for BIM360 Document Management

Project  : Collaborative
Role : User research, UI/UX Design, Usability Testing

BIM360 is a very popular Autodesk product among construction managers. Any changes to the software add significant changes in the workflow of customers. We wanted to test how much would addition of a new feature change the workflow of customers and help them in their goals. This research was done with 6 customers via video conference, guiding them through the new feature and its implications.

Although the core idea of the feature was appreciated, the information architecture of it did not make sense to may. We did an usability analysis of the feature and measured the success of completion of each task 


The mock-ups were created by the lead visual designer and the interactive prototype were collaboratively generated using InVision.

A. Feature concepts and mock-ups

Fig 1. The old interface with 'Folders' as the primary tab

Fig 3. New 'Sets' tab which was being tested

Fig 2. New 'upload' document workflow

Fig 4. New 'Upload Sets' feature which was tested

B. System Usability Scale (SUS) scoring:

We asked participants to rate the usability of the feature using a SUS test. We had defined our SUS success at a score of 70. Since the information architecture of the prototype was not clear to many users, the usability score of prototype was 63.

The SUS metrics helped us understand exactly which part of the prototype required improvements.

All images and diagrams used to create this project page belong to Autodesk Inc. 
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