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Building Systems- Kai Tak, KwunTong Building Complex

Project  : Collaborative
Role : AutoCAD Design, System Ideation, Systems Layout. 

During my internship at HL-Technik Engineering -Munich, I worked with a team of designers (Energy designers, structural designers, architects) to design the Building Systems.  One of the project involved designing the location, capacity and efficiency of the heating, cooling and electrical systems required for the entire facility. Hong Kong's old airport is now being converted into a mega-city project involving hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centres, offices etc. The sites were sub-divided into different projects involving building systems design and energy calculations.

Kai-Tak Energy Design

Based on the energy requirements, 5 CHPs (combined heating and power plants) of 680 KW electrical capacity and 720 KW thermal capacity, vapour absorption cooling systems, district cooling    systems, windmills and a photovoltaic roof of 21000 sq.m with 750 KW electrical capacity were designed and placed over the area as shown in the energy systems diagram.

Kwun Tong Systems Design

 The energy demand for Kwun Tong area was quite less as compared to the Kai Tak area. The major heating energy was supplied by 4 CHPs with 300KW electrical capacity and 320 KW thermal capacity. The cooling energy was supplied by vapour absorption cooling systems.  

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