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Project  : Individual
Role : UI/UX Design, Website design, Sketch explorations

The UX designs of was my work during the first pass at designing a private tutor market place for the Indian market. As the quality of school education is significantly low in India, students often flock at places providing private classes post school. There are 2 sides of the website. One is the user side which is an account for students to search the classes they are interested in. The other is a service provider side of the Tutors who post these classes online. 


The mockups were created in Sketch and the interactive prototype was generated using InVision.

Link to InVision:

Fig 1. Landing website page

Fig 3. Logged in Portal (Tutor side)

Fig 5. Map view of classes (Student side)

Fig 2. Logged in Portal (Student side)

Fig 4. List view of classes (Student side)

Description of the course.

Qualifications of the Tutor

Fig 6. Description of classes (Student side)

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